Le CARÉ (Caritas, Welcoming, Meetings, Conversation) is a place of intense life, to find new hope. Above all, it’s a place for people to meet, do activities and re-integrate into society. Human warmth, actively participating to group activities in a climate of trust, which are all part of le CARÉ’s philosophy.

People of all ages, men and women, who are confronted with diverse difficulties, whether material or emotional, often sharing feelings of loneliness and exclusion are all part of le CARÉ. Rejection, marginalisation and poverty result from all these situations.

Other than sharing a warm meal, le CARÉ is also a place of solidarity and outreach to those in need, a food bank, but also offers sanitary facilities: shower, hair dresser, doctors and nurses all visit le CARÉ on a regular basis. We have subsidies from both public and private institutions. Our annual budget is close to CHF 1’000.000 and donations are tax free.

Every one of us, at some moment in our life, can have difficulties both financially and morally. Having a welcoming place to go in those cases is helpful to bring back joy in people’s life.